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In the past, a diagnosis of autism was a basis for exclusion for insurance coverage for therapies for treatments including Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and behavioral supports.

VAP was formed in 2009 to, among other things, address this unjust exclusion for insurance coverage after a diagnosis of autism. In 2011, Virginia first passed a mandate for insurance coverage for state regulated plans for ages 2-6 years old. Then in 2015 for ages 2-10 and in 2019 finally lifted that age cap so anyone of any age may access insurance coverage for speech, OT, PT and behavioral therapies.

Throughout this process, VAP worked with Autism Speaks and In 2011 we were the 26th state to pass a mandate of some sort. Today, 49 states have passed some level of mandate with only Tennessee being the hold out.

It was a team effort of families and groups across the Commonwealth along with Autism Speaks and it is hard to believe we have accomplished this goal.

There are many other policy problems to address for the autism population but today we can celebrate and invite everyone to join us! All are welcome!


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