The Virginia Autism Project (VAP) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that focuses on educating, advising and collaborating with federal, state and local decision makers and the general public on issues that impact individuals with autism and their communities, while raising awareness throughout Virginia.


  1. Pursue an insurance mandate to provide coverage for autism treatments for all Virginians.
  2. Urge the Virginia Department Of Education to provide substantive training for all staff, teachers and aides in current autism theory and behavior management to augment inclusion.
  3. Gain a Statewide commitment to measurably improve early diagnosis and provide early and intensive treatment. State services must be designed and appropriately funded to provide the types and intensity of services that have been shown to maximize long-term outcomes and minimize societal costs.
  4. Develop Public and private commitment to residential, educational and occupational opportunities that promote independent living and self sufficiency.

Board of Directors