VAP Supports the Power of One March!


The Power of One March is BACK!

This year on World Autism Awareness Day, we can all come together to say, “We love our kids. We need the world to love our kids. 5 or 25. Vaccine injured or not. Pre-verbal or loquacious. Preschoolers or in college. Medicated or biomedded. Home schooled, residential schooled, public schooled, aged out of school. ABA, VBA or Son Rise. North. South. East. West.”

Meet up with us in Washington, DC at The Power of One March which is designed to unite our whole community for a night of love, peace and joy. March to support your favorite organization(s) in the community as one body.

All proceeds from this event go directly back into the community to help our families and individuals with autism.

WHO: Anyone and everyone who loves someone with autism, or wants to help people with autism.

WHAT: March in DC on the evening of April 2nd from the United States Capitol down Pennsylvania to the White House.

WHEN: April 2nd – Music kicks off at 5pm, Speakers at 6:30pm and at 8pm – we march!

WHERE: Washington, DC

WHY: Because when we are united we can do more…and do it more quickly. It’s time to lay all of the pieces of the puzzle down in peace so we can solve it and move mountains working together. Everyone has a role to play and each role is important. God made us all unique with special abilities – not one person like another and thank goodness for that!

It is time to work together, using all of the talents and resources we have together for the things on which we can agree. We need to forgive each other for the hurts that have been inflicted and agree to work harder to understand one another, then keep moving forward on a positive basis.

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Then tell your friends and family to meet you in DC!


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