Action Alert: Efforts Shift Focus to Senate Commerce and Labor Committee

House Bill defeated in committee, Senate Bill up for debate

HB 303 defeated by a tie vote of the House Labor and Commerce Committee

Our effort now must quickly shift focus to the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee, which will hear SB 464, sponsored by Senator Janet Howell, next Monday, February 8 at around 1:30 p.m.

If successful in our Senate efforts, we will get a second chance on the House side. Please stay positive and continue to advocate for autism insurance reform in Virginia.

CONTACT THE MEMBERS OF THE SENATE COMMERCE AND LABOR COMMITTEE and ask them to vote YES on SB 464 on Monday, February 8!

Senator Dick Saslaw

Senator Charles Colgan

Senator Yvonne Miller

Senator William Wampler

Senator Thomas Normet

Senator Walter Stosch

Senator John Edwards

Senator John Watkins

Senator Frank Wagner

Senator Stephen Newman

Senator Phillip Puckett

Senator Toddy Puller

Senator Mark Herring *

Senator Donald McEachin *

Senator Creigh Deeds *

*Co-Patron: they support the bill!

Please contact them and let them know that:

  1. autism is a treatable, medical condition, and
  2. it is time for insurers to do their part and cover prescribed treatment.

Personalize the e-mail if at all possible and call and make sure that they support SB 464.

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